The Wu Latino Clan including pictures, bios and videos.


Los Yo Yais: The sound of a hip hop beat being played out by a fist pounding & a hand slapping against the surface of a Taft High School cafeteria table in the Bronx, brings together two of NYC's most well respected underground Latin Hip Hop/Reggeton Artists; Shown Black & NP Killah, who come together to form "Los Yo Yais". Independently, Los Yo Yais, have sold and promoted their street credible mix tapes throughout the NY, NJ, CT areas. NYC's underground has given birth to many of mainstream Hip Hop's top artists but none as hard core yet melodic as "Los Yo Yais". The oxymoronic combination of the hard hitting lyrics of NP Killah and the unique, sultry, melodic voice of Shown Blk sets them aside from the rest of the underground up comers.


Rameses:  Rameses is one of those rare individuals well versed in all aspects of the musica and recording industry. His impressive biography includes highly respected skills in musical instruments, vocals, songwriting, production, engineering, and have led to international fame. Some of the industries most discerning players have come to rely on Rameses‚s skills to help create successful recordings. 



2Cara: When it comes to success, 2Cara is the one labels call on. A genuine lover of music, 2Cara i is not only responsible for successfully co launching and marketing the web site turned television show turned Latino powerhouse Latinflava, but he also helped established the distribution system at UBO and is now the President of the newly launched Wu Tang Latinos.


Impetus: The term "a driving force" is one way to describe this individual and with the sudden explosion of Latin Hip Hop/Reggeton, in urban areas like New York City's underground music realm, Impetus is just that. Born Leandro Jose Aybar Rosario on August 21, 1980 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Impetus began to develop his rap skills as a member of the well known, Dominican Hip Hop group "Campamento Revolucionario". The group was well respected amongst the followers of the genera at the time. After a string of successful rap tours throughout the Dominican Republic the group parted ways in 1999 when Impetus moved with his family to New York.

Wu-Tang Albums

Mamita Ven-Los Yo Yais

2 Cara

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